Reciprocity Act

Brinks-01-300To ensure safe and secure transport of cash and valuables throughout the United States, federal law permits trained armored car guards to carry firearms across state lines. Specifically, the Armored Car Reciprocity Act of 1993 states that if an armored car crewmember is issued a weapon’s permit by the state the guard is primarily employed, then the guard may carry the weapon in any state while he or she is on the job. The Reciprocity Act allows each state to determine to its own satisfaction that the “crew member has received classroom and range training in weapon safety and marksmanship during the current year from a qualified instructor for each weapon the crew member will be licensed to carry.”

The Reciprocity Act is critical to the armored car industry. While laws governing when and where a person can carry a firearm differ from state to state, our members have an obligation to transport cash and valuables safely and securely throughout the United States irrespective of location. Safety—including firearms safety—is the top priority for NACA members.  As part of protecting armored car guards, the property they transport, and the general public, NACA member companies provide their employees extensive training on how to mitigate the unique risks facing armored car operations, including the safe use of firearms.

More information about the Reciprocity Act, including the text of the Act, the House Committee Report and an opinion by the Nevada Attorney General on the application of the Act are set forth below.